Drag and Drop app creation with MarkLogic

You can now create @MarkLogic apps without coding!!! Read on for details…

The MLJS Workplace Application provides a drag & drop way to create applications WITH ZERO CODING!

Check it out now on it’s own dedicated YouTube playlist, with 4 videos already available!


More videos will be coming soon, showing how to create common pages and plug in your own configuration.

Various pages can be created:-

  • Search page with facetted search, snippeting, sorting and pagination
  • Map page with geospatial search, showing search results in the area drawn, including heat maps of result concentration!
  • Semantic query page, showing semantic Subject results and details on them
  • Graph Explorer pages allowing visual navigation between related Subjects. Also where subjects are MarkLogic Documents, shows their facet details
  • Dashboard page – several searches, each powering a different summary chart
  • Analytics page – showing N-way co-occurence of elements within managed documents

With 23 widgets out of the box, the above are just some of the many awesome visual pages you can create by combining widgets to showcase MarkLogic Server – The ONLY Enterprise NoSQL database!

To get started, view the videos on the playlist above.

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About adamfowleruk

I'm a Principal Sales Engineer with MarkLogic in the UK. Big NoSQL geek, but not a mindless fanboi! Author of the upcoming 'NoSQL for Dummies' book from Wiley. Also love Node.js, particularly for real time situational awareness application stacks where timely information is a must. Love Node.js packages to run http servers, supporting WebSockets on HTML5 apps, and linking to IM platforms like Jabber. I'm the creator of MLJS and MLDotNet, wrappers in JavaScript and .NET, respectively, for the MarkLogic REST API.

One response to “Drag and Drop app creation with MarkLogic”

  1. Lei Xu says :

    Congratulations about the release of MLJS workplace!! Wonderful tool!

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